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Peace and Harmony - The Divine Spectra of China's Fragrant Harbour: with 108 Aloes of Sacred Scripture and Related Artifacts

This eye-catching exhibition brings you the story of aloe (also known as "Agarwood", "Aloeswood" or "Agalloch") and its relationship to world Religion and Culture. It is also of special significance to Hong Kong given the city's name, which in Chinese means Fragrant Harbour.

As the world's most valuable type of wood, aloe appeared in the Old Testament, Buddhist and other ancient religious scriptures, and has been used in incense, essential oils, art works and ornaments as well as medicine since ancient times.

"The world expanded in the midst of fragrance…"

Appreciation of aloe starts with an understanding of the role that scents and spices have played in world history. For millennia, strong demand for these precious products led to the creation of regional trade routes, and encouraged exploration and undaunted expeditions as well as aggression in Asia by European countries, which in turn affected international relations. The Incense Trail, Spice Route and Silk Road provided the foundation for land and sea transportation networks across Asia, Europe and Africa removing borders between distant lands. These historic routes also brought technological and cultural exchange, making a significant contribution to the spread of knowledge and human civilization. Thus scents, spices and silk have played a key role in the development of world history.

On display at the exhibition are different grades and species of aloe, including Qie-nan known as "the Diamond of Plants." Items will be accompanied by detailed descriptions on the history, religious significance and applications of aloe in different countries across Asia, including China, India, Japan and the Middle East, while its impact on the Western World is highlighted. Many exhibits also include exquisite carving such as Buddhist statues and decorative items, along with aloe products.

Fragrance resins and ingredients, including frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood and cassia, together with essential oils and perfumes, and the utensils that go with them, will also be exhibited with a brief description of their history, characteristics and uses. The importance of incense in different religions will become obvious as you tour the exhibition where the different utensils will allow viewers to appreciate the culture associated with incense in the past, and through the aroma, relish the valuable contribution of incense to world history and civilization.

13 - 29.10 10am - 8pm
30.10 10am - 6pm
Hong Kong City Hall
Low Block Exhibition Hall

* Free admission by ticket

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Ticket collection details

1. Each person may request a maximum of 4 tickets on a first-come-first-served basis.

2. Two viewing sessions daily, with the first starting from 10am to 3pm and the second from 3pm to 8pm (to 6pm on 30/10). Members of the public are required to choose a preferred session upon collection of free tickets. Distributed tickets cannot be exchanged.

3. Each ticket admits 1 person only. Children aged 11 or below with valid tickets have to be accompanied by an adult for admission.

4. Visitors have to comply with the rules and regulations of the exhibition as stipulated on the ticket.

* A small quantiy of tickets will be distributed at the exhibition venue to accommodate walk-in patrons. However, admission priority will be given to visitors who have obtained valid tickets in advance.

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