Our Best of Youth in Cambrian

Hong Kong's acting, scriptwriting and directing dream team Wong Wing-sze x Lee Chun-chow share the stage for the first time

A black comedy that takes a penetrating look at life

Let's laugh, until tears fall down

"[Wong Wing-sze] is a magical presence in Hong Kong theatre." – Shek Kei

"[This Happy Valley is Very Happy] simply glows." – Paul Poon Wai-sum

Unemployed and divorced, Ah Kee is a forgotten member of the post-70s generation, who lives an invisible life in a tong lau in Tai Hang. Her tale begins when her mother dies in a road accident and morphs into a soul who scuttles in and out of the wretched life Ah Kee lives with her friends. Along with this disturbing event, Ah Kee's failed marriage has broken her heart, leading her to lose faith in love. A friend who has just passed away leaves her a cat, while a demented old man living alone on the second floor reveals his secret to her before he too departs this life. As the distress piles up, Ah Kee is driven to decide to end her life – on her birthday, which falls on the night of the Fire Dragon Dance.

Winner of the Best Script in the 2011 Hong Kong Drama Awards for The Truth About Lying, Wong Wing-sze returns with her signature dark humour and an adaptation of her earlier work, This Happy Valley is Very Happy. Also starring renowned actors Lee Chun-chow and Wong Ching-yan, Our Best of Youth in Cambrian is a story filled with Hong Kong spirit and a sense of belonging. Zany gags percolate throughout while at the same time the humour delves deeper, stirring reflections on vulnerability and loneliness.

The Cambrian period dates back some 570 million years, making it a much older geological era than the Jurassic. During the Cambrian age, a biological explosion took place, giving birth to most of today's animal species. This may appear much the same as now where huge amounts of information and ever-changing technologies are appearing, leaving us at a loss, while the wheel of time seems to turn at the speed of light. Those who can't catch up are abandoned, left only to embrace their own story, memories and soul, together with a lonesome sip of whisky.

Playwright:Wong Wing-sze
Director:Peter Jordan
Producer:May Chan@ Bravo Theatre
Production Manager:Cheung Heung-ming
Set Designer:Yuen Hon-wai
Lighting Designer:Billy Chan
Music Co-ordinator:Ng Cheuk-yin
Sound Designer:Chan Wing-kit
Multi-Media Designer:Lo Wing
Cast:Lee Chun-chow, Wong Wing-sze, Wong Ching-yan
Guest Performer:Helen Tam

11 - 12.11 (Fri – Sat) 8pm (Limited tickets available)
13.11 (Sun) 3pm

Additional Performances:
12.11 (Sat) 3pm (Tickets available on 14.10 onwards)
13.11 (Sun) 8pm (Tickets available on 14.10 onwards)

Kwai Tsing Theatre Auditorium

 ■ $280 ■ $220 ■ $160

Some $160 seats may have restricted view
Approx 2 hours and 45 minutes with a 15-minute intermission
Meet-the-artist session after the performance on 13 November
In Cantonese with English surtitles

Art Direction & Design: KentFok_tn PEACOCK
Photo: Pow_Bluer
Make-up: Joyce Ma