Two Swallows
– Ode to Wu Guanzhong

Hong Kong Dance Company

"On a single-log bridge, a lone man, with his back towards us, headed for the unknown in the distance." – Wu Guanzhong, 2010

Wu Guanzhong (1919-2010) was a pioneering Chinese painter whose works chart the changing face of Chinese art in the 20th century. A giant of the modern Chinese art scene, Wu was one of the first Chinese artists to establish an international reputation and in 1992 became the first living artist from China to hold a solo exhibition at the British Museum.

The Hong Kong Dance Company's Artistic Director Leung Kwok-shing traces the master artist's creative journey through the poetry of dance in Two Swallows. Roaming the idyllic countryside along the Yangtze River, the epic dance poem depicts the painter's lifelong pursuit of freedom and explores the solitude of artistic conception.

Live music will be provided by a string ensemble led by Leung Kin-fung, First Associate Concertmaster, Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra.

Director and Choreographer:Leung Kwok-shing
Music Director:Leung Kin-fung
Composer:Lee Che-yi
Live Music:Hong Kong Pure Strings
Set Designer:Tsang Man-tung
Costume Designer:Eddy Mok

11 - 12.11 (Fri – Sat) 7:45pm
12 - 13.11 (Sat – Sun) 3pm
Hong Kong Cultural Centre Grand Theatre

 ■ $300 ■ $240 ■ $180

Approx 1 hour and 45 minutes with a 15-minute intermission
Hong Kong Dance Company reserves the right to change programme and artists

The Hong Kong Museum of Art will present a special exhibition, "Wu Guanzhong: Painting‧Dance‧Music",
and provide guided group tours from 9 November 2011 to March 2012 to complement the première of
Two Swallows.

Illustration: Two Swallows (1981) by Wu Guanzhong. Courtesy of Hong Kong Museum of Art.

Artistic Director:
Leung Kwok-Shing