Closing Programme

Shanghai Yueju Opera House

All-star cast in top performance of wide-ranging classic works

A Dream of Red Mansions

Performers: Qian Huili, Shan Yangping
Regarded as the "classic" version of the opera, the production focuses on the absorbing romance between the two main characters, movingly played by singers Xu Yulan and Wang Wenjuan in early performances. Uniting script, directing, acting, music and stage design in an unparalleled production, A Dream of Red Mansions has gone on to become a Yue classic, treasured by thousands of opera fans. Passed down and continuously refined over 50 years of performances, the popular work is given new vitality by Qian Huili and Shan Yangping of the Xu and Wang schools. A masterpiece for all time.

Mei Long Town

Performers: Zhang Ruihong, Zhang Yongmei, Hua Yiching, Zhang Hailing, Jin Hong
A tender teenage romance, Mei Long Town has made an indelible impression on opera specialists and general audiences alike, remaining hugely popular after numerous performances. The story centres on the young Ming emperor Zhengde's visit to Jiangnan. There he encounters the beautiful Li Feng Jie at Mei Long Town restaurant and falls in love. Initially thwarted by the Empress Dowager, the lovers are finally reunited at the end. First staged in 2001, the opera went on to win 14 awards at the 7th China Theatre Festival for its production, script, directing, acting, music and stage design.

Selected Scenes from Yue Opera

Performers: Qian Huili, Shan Yangping, Zhang Ruihong, Fang Yafen, Wang Zhiping, Hua Yiqing, Zhang Yongmei, Chen Yong, Huang Hui, Xu Yuping
Love with a Fairy Carp - The Study
The Jade Hairpin - Bridal Homecoming
Butterfly Lovers – A Heartbreaking Reunion
Thrice Tricks the Groom
Xiang Lin's Wife - Heaven Asks
Meng Lijun - A Walk in the Imperial Gardens
Beating the Princess – Running Riot in the Palace

The Story of Western Garden

Performers: Huang Hui, Wang Zhiping
Based on legend and an earlier Kunqu work of the same name, The Story of Western Garden follows the muddled encounters of scholar Zhang Jihua. Zhang runs into Wang Yujen in Western Garden where he mistakes her for Yuying, daughter of the reclusive Zhao Li. Zhao, an admirer of Zhang, then hires him to teach at Western Garden. When Zhang later learns Yuying has died, he starts to believe Yujen to be her ghost. Numerous comic incidents ensue until misunderstandings are resolved and the lovers are eventually able to tie the knot. With this hilarious new production, Shanghai Yueju Opera House puts a delightful new spin on a classic romantic comedy.

Han Feizi

Performers: Qian Huili, Fang Yafen, Zhang Hailing, Huang Hui, Jin Hong
Set at the end of the Warring States Period, the story centres on the doomed romance between Han Fei, a brilliant Han scholar, and Qin princess Ningyang. Interweaving violent action with gentle love, the heroic saga revolves around the valiant but ill-fated Han. Historical figures, including Qin Shi Huang, Li Si and Zhao Gao, also make an appearance in this atmospheric portrayal of the climactic era. First staged in 2008, Han Feizi draws out the epic qualities of elegant Yue Opera. Qian Huili brings the rich, resonant vocal style characteristic of the Xu school to her portrayal of Han Fei while adding an air of barely suppressed restraint, heightening the dramatic tension.

17.11 (Thur) 7:30pm   A Dream of Red Mansions
(Sold out)

18.11 (Fri) 7:30pm      Mei Long Town

19.11 (Sat) 2:30pm     Selected Scenes from Yue Opera

19.11 (Sat) 7:30pm     The Story of Western Garden

20.11 (Sun) 7:30pm   Han Feizi

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Some $200 and $120 seats may have restricted view to surtitles
Each performance lasts approx 3 hours with a 15-minute intermission
With Chinese and English surtitles
Meet-the-artist session after the performance on 17 November
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