Celestial Songs

A unique, enlightening musical journey towards inner peace, harmony and joy

Light and soothing like flowing water, steadfast like a giant rock. In this uplifting concert, a diverse group of eminent Asian singers, Grammy Award nominees and chant masters join together to undertake a spiritually inspiring journey towards a higher realm. There, long-lost tranquillity and self-awareness await, summoned up by melodic sounds that radiate from the very soul of the universe.

Included in the sublime programme is a new work by legendary Hong Kong composer Lam Man-yee. All songs are accompanied by projected images of paintings, photographs and calligraphic works by Ven. Chang Lin (Alain Yip), Ringo Tang, Tam Po-shek and Lam Tian-xing.

Creative and Music Director:Lam Man-yee
Performers: Ani Choying Drolma (Nepal)
Ito Kayo (Japan)
Kelsang Chukie Tethong (India)
Elisa Chan, Danny Summer,
Tam Po-shek (Hong Kong)
Ma Changsheng (China)
Guest:Lama Tashi (India)

11.11 (Fri) 8pm
12.11 (Sat) 8pm (Limited tickets available)
13.11 (Sun) 3pm
Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall

 ■ $300 ■ $240 ■ $180 ■ $130

Some $130 seats may have restricted view
Approx 2 hours and 10 minutes without intermission

Please click Theme Melody, Music Demo 1, Music Demo 2, Music Demo 3 or Music Demo 4 to enjoy the music demo.

The commissioning of new work OM premiered at Celestial Song concert is sponsored by
  Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong Ltd.

Artist's Sponsor:

Gracious Glory
Buddhism Foundation

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