Los Texmaniacs (USA)
Bajo Sexto: Max Baca
Accordion: Josh Baca
Bass Guitar: Noel Hernandez
Drums: Cougar Estrada

" Energizing the allure of South Texas conjunto music…infectious enough to get even the most sedentary crowd moving "
– The Washington Post

Grammy Award for Best Tejano Album

Get ready to rock with the scintillating Tex-Mex groove

The Grammy-winning, genre-busting tejano band Los Texmaniacs was founded in 1997 by Max Baca, a veteran member of the legendary Texas Tornados. Baca, a singer and prominent performer of the bajo sexto (a 12-string guitar-like instrument), took the authentic musical traditions near the Mexican border and infused them with heavy doses of contemporary rock, blues, country and R&B.

The Texmaniacs’ style of conjunto (meaning “ensemble” in Spanish) has both delighted young audiences and garnered recognition by Smithsonian Folkways, a record label dedicated to documenting and preserving American roots music. The group has recorded three critically acclaimed albums for the label, including Borders y Bailes, which won the 2009 Grammy Award for Best Tejano Album. Their live performances, as well as frequent radio and television appearances, have served a huge helping of genuine Tex-Mex culture to audiences around the world.

Let's groove!
Ana mía (My Ana) - canción-polca
Los barandales del puente (The Railings of the Bridge) - canción mexicana
by Los Texmaniacs from the recording entitled Texas Towns and Tex-Mex Sounds, SFW40565, courtesy of Smithsonian Folkways Recordings. ℗ © 2012. Used by permission.
Kwai Tsing Theatre Auditorium

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Lecture Demonstration
Musical Melting Pot

The unique conjunto sound was born a century ago as the music of different migrant groups merged in South Texas. In this session, members of Los Texmaniacs demonstrate how to arrange and perform conjunto. Bring an instrument to jam with the quartet and create a whole new vibe!

Speakers: Los Texmaniacs

Hong Kong Cultural Centre Grand Theatre Backstage Level 8 GR3
Free admission

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  • Limited seats available on a first-come-first-served basis
  • In English
Foyer Performance
Conjunto Connect

Los Texmaniacs plays a selection of uplifting conjunto numbers to give you a taste of the vibrant Tex-Mex sound.

Hong Kong Cultural Centre Foyer
Free admission