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About the Festival

Eastern Europe - An Enlightening Cultural Encounter

Extending across three Baltic countries to the north, the Balkan Peninsula to the south, Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary to the west, and the Ural Mountains in Russia to the east, the eclectic region of Eastern Europe has played a vital part in countless epochs. Its dramatic plains and mountains have provided the setting for historic events and magnificent tales filled with human endeavour and unvanquished spirit.

Thriving for over a thousand years, the Byzantine and Ottoman empires enabled a unique blend of civilisations from Greece, Rome and the Middle East to evolve, paving the way for religion, architecture, literature, philosophy, science and the arts to flourish. While mainly settled by Slavic people, different identities developed in the kingdoms and empires that rose and fell before becoming the countries we know today. The arrival of Roma in the 12th century also brought a colourful, carefree bohemian lifestyle, adding further diversity to this region of multiple influences.

‘World Cultures Festival 2013—Lasting Legacy of Eastern Europe’ seeks to reflect the rich and varied cultural landscape that has resulted. With transcendent Orthodox sacred music and the robust energy of gypsy song and dance, literary giants and innovative theatrical masters, traditional realism and cutting-edge contemporary thought, prepare to be enthralled by the extraordinary artistic vitality of Eastern Europe past and present in Hong Kong this autumn.