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http://www.worldfestival.gov.hk/2013/fb/redirect.html World Cultures Festival 2013 – Lasting Legacies of Eastern Europe: Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra (Hungary) A remarkable concert celebrating the dazzling traditions of gypsy music mixed with classical music. 25.10 Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall http://www.worldfestival.gov.hk/2013/images/mus_01.jpg

Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra (Hungary)

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“The Concertgebouw was shaken to its foundation, and the audience mesmerised! There’s not a symphony orchestra in the world that plays so sonorously, with so red-blooded a sound, so fast and so virtuosically”
– NRC Handelsblad


Conducted by: Sándor Rigó Buffó with József Lendvai Csócsi (Master of Violins)

A remarkable concert celebrating the dazzling traditions of Gypsy music mixed with classical music

A poignant beginning from an ending, this world-renowned Hungarian orchestra emerged out of an improvised performance by Gypsy musicians gathered from around the country for the funeral of legendary Gypsy soloist Sándor Járóka in 1985. The Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra has gone on to be acclaimed globally for its extraordinary technique and feisty interpretations of classical and traditional works. With Laszlo Berki as Orchestra leader until his tragic death in 1997, the crème of Hungary’s Gypsy musician dynasties was drawn to join, including names such as Boross, Lakatos, Lendvai Csócsi, and Rigó Buffó. Also known as the 100 Gypsy Violins, the outstanding Orchestra comprises a hundred musicians playing violins, violoncellos, double basses, cymbaloms and clarinets.

A passionate embodiment of Hungary’s musical soul, the Orchestra plays without scores, demonstrating the performers’ amazing musicality and virtuosity through intuitive collaboration and breathtaking turns in tempo and timbre that never betray but only enrich the original work. Listen out, too, for the cymbaloms, a Hungarian instrument requiring exceptional skill to master and rarely seen in Hong Kong. The Orchestra has toured more than 30 countries, inspiring audiences in leading concert halls including the Amsterdam Concertgebouw, Vienna Konzerthaus, Geneva Victoria Hall and Paris Théâtre des Champs Elysées. Its performance in Hong Kong is the first stop on its China début. A wonderfully heart-warming concert that transmits the vitality of a nation where music is the universal language. Not to be missed!

Hong Kong Cultural Centre
Concert Hall
8pm $600 $500 $400
$300 $200
Budapest seat plan

Friendly Reminder

  • Approx 2 hrs 15 mins with an intermission of 15 mins

Photo: Alain Dereymaeker, Arthur Dubuc, Damien Keller, Peter Varkonyi

The Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra Goes Live on Screen


Known as the 100 Gypsy Violins, the Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra will give the very first performance of its China début tour at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall. To provide an opportunity for the public to participate in this spectacular music event, screens will be set up at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza for an outdoor live relay of the concert.

Host of the live relay: Dennis Wu


Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza
8pm Free Admission



7pm Admission
7:30pm Introduction
7:45pm Beyond the Stage
8pm Live Relay


Friendly Reminders

  • Free Admission
  • Patrons using wheel chairs can call 2370 1044 during office hour for advance reservation of seats
  • Owing to the terms of agreement made with the Orchestra, the angle of the camera for the live relay at the Piazza will be fixed throughout the programme
  • In case of inclement weather, the live relay at the Piazza may be affected. Please refer to announcements made by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department on the day of the event
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Video Screening

The Road to Artistic Renown

Two documentary shorts in which leading participants relate the remarkable success stories of two legendary arts groups. Boris Eifman – The Man Who Dared explores the choreographer’s visionary view of dance and the unique Russian ballet language he created to communicate his perspective on human nature, along with stunning excerpts from many Eifman Ballet of St. Petersburg productions. Beyond the Stage goes behind the scenes of the Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra’s tour of Turkey. In this work, French producer Xavier Dubuc recalls his life-changing encounter with the 100 Gypsy Violins in the early 1990s as Hungary emerged from Iron Curtain isolation, and how he subsequently took the musicians onto the world stage. Sándor Rigó Buffó, the Orchestra’s president, artistic director and conductor, also provides insight into the Roma, their passion for music and love of family.


Boris Eifman - The Man Who Dared
Russia / 2012 / Colour / 32’ / DVD
In Russian with English subtitles


Beyond the Stage
France / 2007 / Colour / 13’ / DVD
In French and Hungarian with English subtitles


Hong Kong Space Museum
Lecture Hall
2:30pm Free Admission

Friendly Reminder

  • Limited seats available on a first-come-first-served basis

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