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http://www.worldfestival.gov.hk/2013/fb/redirect.html World Cultures Festival 2013 – Lasting Legacies of Eastern Europe: Uasiankrainian Jam Contemporary sounds of Asia meet Eastern Europe in a sparkling concert featuring Ukrainian and local musicians. 16.11 Hong Kong City Hall theatre http://www.worldfestival.gov.hk/2013/images/mus_04.jpg

Uasiankrainian Jam

JohnChen Ensemble

John Chen logo

Kobza / Guitar: John Chen
Violin / Erhu: Herbert Cheung
Drum-set / Percussion: Les Fong
Double Bass: Victor Wong
Accordion: Andrew Birkun
Vocal: Oksana Birkun


Contemporary sounds of Asia meet Eastern Europe in a sparkling concert featuring Ukrainian and local musicians

Since 2006, JohnChen Ensemble has been fusing different cultures and genres to inspire and explore a sonic world without borders. Led by veteran composer-guitarist John Chen, the group’s ground-breaking approach and remarkable choice of venues, eclectic repertoire of original works and innovative arrangements combine with limitless creativity to provide a whole new musical experience.

In this magical crossover concert, the group’s world music journey finds them linking up with the sounds of Ukraine, a country renowned for its wide-ranging folk traditions. Listen up as accordion player Andrew Birkun and singer Oksana Birkun jam with the local musicians to initiate delightfully fresh Eurasian listening landscapes.


Hong Kong City Hall
8pm $200   $120
Jam seat plan


Friendly Reminder

  • Approx 1 hr and 30 mins without intermission

School Tour

Dedicated to creating, performing and promoting original world music which aims to break down barriers between different musical cultures, JohnChen Ensemble is going to share the stage with guest Ukrainian accordionist Andrew Birkun to introduce students to a fest of traditional Eastern European folk music as well as original fusion compositions inspired by various music styles from the region. A special thematic school-touring concert not to be missed.

fee $1,200 per performance schedule September to October 2013
duration 45 minutes recommended Primary Schools to Secondary Schools (P.6 – S.6)
enquiry Ms Fiona Siu (2722 1650) email info@rhapsoarts.com

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