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http://www.worldfestival.gov.hk/2013/fb/redirect.html World Cultures Festival 2013 – Lasting Legacies of Eastern Europe: Don Cossacks State Academic Song and Dance Ensemble (Russia) in honour of Anatoly Kvasov Cossack heroism is brought to the stage in a riveting tribute to traditional folk arts. 15.11 Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall 16.11 Shatin Town Hall Auditorium and 17.11 Tuen Mun Town Hall Auditorium http://www.worldfestival.gov.hk/2013/images/ma_02.jpg

Don Cossacks
State Academic Song and Dance Ensemble
in honour of Anatoly Kvasov (Russia)

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“It is almost impossible, staid urbanite though one might be, to sit still while the lilting, rollicking instrumental music and song flow from the stage... vibrant and compellingly sweet-natured”
—The New York Times

With leaps, bounds and sabres in hand, legendary Cossack heroism is brought to the stage in a riveting tribute to traditional folk arts

The Don Cossacks from southwest Russia are as renowned for their artistic traditions as their fighting skills. Their musical repertoire ranges from rousing military songs to soul-searing ballads extolling the Don River and village life, while dance pieces feature exuberant sabre-wielding male performers and graceful female artistes. The Don Cossacks State Academic Song and Dance Ensemble, originally established in 1936, was restructured in the 1970s by its late Artistic Director Anatoly Kvasov, who brought together the country’s top singers, dancers and creative production team members. Under Kvasov, the group went on to win national honours, including the Order of Friendship of Peoples and the State Academic Award in 1986 and 1996 respectively, and rapturous applauses for its tours across Europe, Asia, Africa and North America.

Clad in dazzling costumes and accompanied live by imposing brass, wind and traditional instruments, including the bayan (Russian accordion) and the balalaika (Russian stringed instrument), the dynamic ensemble delivers a spirited, joyous performance to thrill all ages.

Hong Kong City Hall
Concert Hall
8pm $360 $280 $220 $160*
Cossacks seat plan
Sha Tin Town Hall
8pm $320 $260 $200 $140*
Cossacks seat plan
Tuen Mun Town Hall
3pm $260 $200 $160 $120*
Cossacks seat plan

*Some seats may have restricted view

Friendly Reminder

  • Approx 1 hr and 45 mins with an intermission of 15 mins

Seeking to escape authoritarian rule, migrants from Eastern Europe and Central Asia gradually formed into a loose grouping of independent communities known as Cossacks (“free people”) in different parts of Russia from the 14th to 17th centuries. With their courageous and open attitude to life, and intriguing role in Russian military history, Cossacks have featured as major characters in many literary classics, including Nikolai Gogol’s Taras Bulba, Leo Tolstoy’s The Cossacks, Mikhail Sholokhov’s And Quiet Flows the Don, and Isaak Babel’s Red Cavalry. Most Cossack groups are named after the river along which they live, including the Don Cossacks who enjoy a particularly impressive reputation given the key role they have played in many battles.


Folk Dance Workshop


Members of the Don Cossacks State Academic Song and Dance Ensemble present colourful excerpts from their diverse repertoire to demonstrate the main techniques behind their high-energy routines. Participants will learn how male dancers employ sabres, whips, and perform military numbers, and how female artists use tap steps, hand and arm movements. All will be accompanied by live music.

Instructor: Vladislav Iakushev (Choreographer / Member of the Russian Music Society)

Hong Kong Cultural Centre
Grand Theatre Backstage Level 6 GR1
11am–12:30pm $220

Friendly Reminder

  • Quota: 30
  • In Russian with English interpretation
  • Participants are advised to wear comfortable clothes and flat dance shoes.

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