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http://www.worldfestival.gov.hk/2013/fb/redirect.html World Cultures Festival 2013 – Lasting Legacies of Eastern Europe: Romafest - A Gypsy Song and Dance Fiesta by Romafest Gypsy Dance Theatre of Romania A Celebration of the Roma’s exuberant culture and wandering lifestyle, turning both joy and sorrow into paeans to life. 10.11 Tsuen Wan Town Hall Auditorium http://www.worldfestival.gov.hk/2013/images/ma_01.jpg

Romafest - A Gypsy Song and Dance Fiesta

Romafest Gypsy Dance Theatre of Romania

Romafest logo

I have travelled far over long roads
And I have met happy Roma.
Oh, Roma from wherever you come
With your tents
Along fortunate byways…

─ Gelem, gelem

A celebration of the Roma’s exuberant culture and wandering lifestyle, turning both joy and sorrow into paeans to life

Leaving their caravans, Roma gather around a bonfire and start to play music and sing. Gelem, gelem, an anthem encapsulating the Gypsy spirit, provides the stirring opening for this exhilarating show. Scintillating rapid-fire routines follow, with solo dancers dressed in dazzling costumes competing to display their incredible skills and dexterity. With the festive atmosphere rising ever upwards in intensity, both musicians and dancers call upon their wonderful improvisational gifts to unfold and share the romance and mystery of Roma culture.

Hailing from the Transylvania region of central Romania, Romafest Gypsy Dance Theatre has established itself as one of Europe’s most outstanding ethnic dance troupes. Formed in 1999, its talented young artistes and established stars rejoice in the collective Gypsy lifestyle and re-energise the tradition of integrating life and art passed down through the generations. The company has attracted leading dancers and musicians from around Eastern Europe, including members of the world-famous Cirque du Soleil, while its exultant performances have enthralled audiences across Europe and Asia, creating a sensation wherever the group appears.


Sha Tin Town Hall
8pm $320 $260 $200 $140*
Romafest seat plan
Tsuen Wan Town Hall
3pm $280 $240 $180 $120*
Romafest seat plan

*Some seats may have restricted view

Friendly Reminder

  • Approx 1 hr and 30 mins without intermission


Roma and Gypsy
Roma (meaning “human”) are thought to have originated from northern India and Pakistan. The itinerant group arrived in Europe around the 12th century and were first taken to be Egyptians, later shortened to Gypsies. Roma do not belong to any state, though some see themselves as a non-territorial nation. There are around five to 10 million Roma scattered around the globe, with most living in Eastern Europe. They are renowned for their music and dancing, and passion for freedom.


Gypsy Dance Workshop


Learn how Gypsy dances are performed in this lively workshop conducted by members of Romafest Gypsy Dance Theatre of Romania. Participants will be taught two characteristic routines: Mahala’s graceful waist and arm movements for women dancers and the exhilarating, fast-paced Csingerálás for mixed pairs, evoking the joyful atmosphere of a Roma festival.

Instructors: Dancers from the Romafest Gypsy Dance Theatre of Romania

Sha Tin Town Hall
Dance Studio
7:30–9pm $220

Friendly Reminder

  • Quota: 30
  • In Romanian with English interpretation
  • Participants are advised to wear comfortable clothes, bring a hip scarf or long thin skirt, and flat dance shoes (optional as bare feet are recommended).

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